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holougram e1

New website. New project. New goals. New mindset.

After discovering my love and passion for film photography in early 2020, I now decided to exhibit some of my favourite shots in form of a continuous blogpost here on my new website. 

"ghost city"


On march 10th 2020 the boys of HUNGER and I took off to NYC to play "the New Colossus Festival" in Manhattan, followed by the "South by Southwest" in Austin, Texas. The festival also known as "SXSW" or "South By" got cancelled a few days prior due to the alarming spread of Covid-19. The following days would be full of uncertainty which I will never forget. 


We just managed to get into the United States before borders and airports got shut down. You could feel the tension on the streets, people started locking themselves up and Manhattan turned into a ghost city within hours. Despite being doomed to stay inside of our airBnB most of the time, our two shows at Delancey*s on the Lower East Side were about to take place as scheduled. The shows were a lot of fun, blinding out what's been going on in the world for just a moment. I got my Minolta SRT303 just weeks before this trip, so I was super excited to shoot some film in one of my absolute favourite cities. But time was short. When hearing that Austria is going into lockdown, we booked the next flight back home, shortening our entire stay to ridiculous three days.  There was no time to waste. Most of this first blog's photos are headshots from Luc, taken four hours before leaving New York City. 

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